“Without a doubt, Little League is a family affair that gives parents and children a common ground for spending time together. Whether you are coaching the players, selling popcorn to the fans, or bringing soda for the team after the game, your family will enjoy being a part of Little League in your community. Most of all, your child will appreciate the benefits of your enthusiasm and involvement in his or her activities.” - From the National Little League Web Site


SLL Season Going Strong!

Does anyone have any great action photos or videos from the season?

If so, please email to the League HERE!

We are at work on a “History of Sarasota Little League” video, and would like to make contact with any three (or four) generation families that have been involved at the League since its inception. Email HERE with your contact info!

Spring 2014 Schedules are HERE !

Click HERE to download the 2014 Coach Evaluation Form.

Twin Lakes Park, 6700 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL 34241 Email Little League HERE.

‘A Great Place for Families’

Sarasota Little League Extends a Special Thank You to Dr. Si McAninch

for his many generous contributions to the League throughout the years!